Cool Internet Stuff, September 2016 Edition


In the immortal words of Cady Heron, “It’s October 3.” That means September has come and gone. So it’s time for a roundup of some cool internet stuff from the past month. Here are some of my favorite reads, along with some thoughts on goals for the upcoming month below!

business stuff

  • what to do when you fail
  • ever wonder what successful people do on weekends?
  • always relevant – how to get shit done when you feel like eating ice cream instead
  • Etsy is trying to improve the “gig economy”
  • why intuitive introverts need meaningful work
  • here’s a guide to self-care to help entrepreneurs decrease burnout

blogging stuff

  • thoughts about sharing less and living more
  • writing tips from the master (JK Rowling, duh)
  • things to blog about this fall!
  • there are some really helpful blog photography and posing tips in this post
  • how to get consistent traffic like a boss

social media stuff

  • social media podcasts to take your marketing skills to the next level
  • instagram accounts you need to follow for some comic relief
  • tips to free you from obsessive social media scrolling

creative stuff

  • Rachel Antonoff’s office is giving me major design inspiration
  • & even more inspiring offices from professional women
  • 50 must-do DIYs for fall

just for fun stuff

  • it’s my favorite time of year – time to decide what kind of costume to make my dog halloween
  • unbelievably cool pictures of a 1950’s London girl gang
  • fun, festive, and inexpensive ways to enjoy fall
  • steps you need to take before making a big life change
  • 7 things you need to do before adopting a pet

I also want to talk a bit about goals for October. My goal for September was to create routines and be consistent. It was mostly successful behind the scenes, though some unexpected tasks and vacation stuff made it maybe not seem too successful from the outside.

So for October, my main goal is to simplify. I’m cutting out the tasks and things that aren’t absolutely essential. I’m getting rid of distractions. And I’m just going to try and stay focused on the most important things.

I’d love to hear your goals for the next month too! And of course – don’t forget to download your own free goal planning guide from the Wattlebabes resource library (sign up here!)

free goal planning guide

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