Glittery DIY Projects

diy projects with glitter

If there’s one thing I love more than glitter it’s… nothing. There’s pretty much nothing I love more than glitter. At least when it comes to crafting. Now, if someone could come up with a version of glitter that didn’t get everywhere and stay there until eternity, then that would be the thing I’d love more than glitter. But for now, I’ve just embraced that glitter is messy and glittery and I will live my life always surrounded by it (because I have undoubtedly made a mess with it). Here are some of my favorite glittery projects from around the good ol’ World Wide Web as of late…

What are your favorite uses for glitter?

Watermelon Nails

watermelon nails

It’s almost summer. That means two things: 1. I’m about to eat so much watermelon. 2. We’re about to start seeing watermelon stuff EVERYWHERE. It’s one of those foods that just screams summer and its bright colors make it a perfect choice for that next food item that’s going to be on shoes and bags and so many other things. Since I love it so much, I decided to put some watermelon on my nails. I’m still pretty new to the nail art game, but I think these look pretty cool and they were super easy. Here’s what to do.

DIY Watermelon Nails – what you need:

  • bright pink nail polish
  • tape
  • bright green nail polish
  • tooth picks
  • black nail polish

watermelon nail polish

watermelon tipped nails

watermelon colored nails

diy watermelon nail art

Step 1: Paint your nails pink

Self-explanatory. Moving on.

Step 2: Add green tips

Once the pink is completely dry, add a strip of tape to each of your nails so that just the very tip is unexposed, kind of like a french manicure. Cover that section with the bright green nail polish and let it dry for a minute. Then carefully remove the tape and let it dry the rest of the way.

Step 3: Make some seeds

Then, insert the tip of a toothpick into your black nail polish and use it to apply small marks to the pink section of each nail. These should look like the seeds so make them pretty small and randomly arranged around your nails. Let them dry and you’re done!

watermelon nail art

Hide Awkward Bangs with Vintage Inspired Curls

vintage bangs

I recently decided to cut my own bangs, a mistake I’ve made several times and will probably continue making for the rest of my life. So when I quickly got sick of straightening them and pushing them out of my face, I went through my old blog archives for a solution. I came up with this hairstyle awhile ago and the pictures are a little blurry, but I still think it’s a good idea and I’m excited to start doing this to my hair again!

flat iron curls

Step 1: Gather your supplies

All you need for this is a flat iron, a bobby pin, and maybe some hairspray. You could get similar results using a small curling iron instead of a flat iron if you prefer.

Step 2: Curl your hair with a flat iron

Start by taking your bangs and a small section of the hair around them (should be about a 2in x 1in section) and use your straightener to flip the hair out away from your face, holding the straightener almost parallel with the floor (shown in the second photo). When making curls with your straightener, you should move it through your hair slowly – if you want a more in-depth tutorial into flat iron curls, you can check this video. Do this for just about the first 2 inches of hair, starting at the scalp.

Directly after that, rotate the flat iron so that you’re curling the hair just beneath that in toward your face, holding the straightener at about a 45 degree angle (shown in the third photo).

Step 3: Pin your hair back

At the place where your curl changes direction, take the front section of your bangs and pin it back with a bobby pin (shown in the fourth photo). Then curl the rest of the hair around your face under using your flat iron (shown in the fifth photo). Use hairspray to hold it in place if necessary and that’s it!

Creative Babes, Vol. 8: Breanna Rush

breanna rush

Today I have another fun new Creative Babes interview for your reading enjoyment. Breanna Rush is a mom, teacher, blogger and a self-taught photographer who’s making a business out of her creative hobby. Read all about her journey with photography, plans for the future and her favorite breakfast foods in the interview below!

When and how did you get into photography? Do you have any formal training?

My passion for photography has always been pretty evident. I’ve been in love with photography since the first time I held a camera in my hands. It all started back in 2010 when a friend asked me to take a few pictures of her children for a Christmas card. That was the first time I felt the spark for really getting into photography. It wasn’t until about a year later when I found myself in a similar situation that my business started to take off. I took senior pictures for a family friend, and within a few weeks I found my entire summer booked taking more senior pictures!

My business has grown and evolved into something I am really proud of, and I take it very seriously. I am completely self taught and learning something new every single day.

Do you practice photography as a career or a side business? If a side business, would you like to do it full-time at some point?

Right now, my business is definitely a side business. I am actually a 6th grade teacher, which is my full time job. My photography business has supported two maternity leaves and helped us to pay off some of our debt. My earnings this year are going toward my dream camera! I would love to turn my photography business into something full-time, but right now, it’s just not in the cards. I’m happy doing what I can as a supplement to my income, and meeting and working with my clients is the most rewarding thing of all!

breanna rush photo

What is your favorite thing to photograph?

I absolutely love photographing children. I am a huge fan of lifestyle shoots where I just shoot children in their element – candid shots are my favorite! There’s just something about a close-up photo of a child’s beautiful big eyes…it’s like I can see the whole world in them.

When and why did you decide to start blogging?

I’ve actually been blogging since 2009. I started my blog shortly after our engagement as a way to keep family and friends updated about our upcoming wedding. It just sort of evolved from there and has grown with me as I’ve grown. I didn’t seriously starting blogging until about two years ago, when our first baby came along. This is the first year that I’m starting to monetize my blog, just a little bit, and really work on reaching as many readers as possible.

breanna rush photography

What advice would you give to someone looking to get into photography and/or blogging?

My advice would be to never give up and keep bettering yourself. You aren’t going to get anywhere by treading water – you just get tired. The same thing goes for blogging and photography – if you stay the same, your results will be the same. I am constantly reading, learning, engaging, and doing whatever I can to improve my photos – to improve my blog reach – to improve my business. It’s an ongoing process that results from many failures. Every stumbles and falls, but it’s getting back up and trying again that really counts!

Do you have any other creative hobbies other than photography and blogging?

I wish I were a crafty and creative person, but the short answer here is – I’m just not. I definitely have an interest in graphic design and would love to teach myself how to use Adobe Illustrator. I’ve tinkered around with it a bit, and I feel like it could definitely be something I start to explore. That’s what summer vacation is for :)

What is your favorite breakfast food?

If I have enough time, I absolutely love eggs and toast. Fried eggs, to be more specific – no runny yokes! Though, in a pinch, a bowl of cereal hits the spot. In our house we’re obsessed with Chex!


Thanks so much to Breanna for taking part in the feature! Please be sure to visit her websites and social accounts listed below. And if there are any other creative babes out there who are interested in being featured in a future post, just email me at wattlebirddesigns at gmail dot com

photography facebook // blog facebook // twitter // instagram // pinterest // photography website // blog

breanna rush kid photography

DIY Super Mario Tube Planter

mario planter

If you ever played any Super Mario Bros. video games, then you’re surely familiar with those green tubes that can lead to different worlds and sometimes also contain those big red venus fly trap looking plants. I thought it would be cool to make a planter that kind of looks like one of those tubes, even though I don’t actually have any big red venus fly trap looking plants. Note: this tutorial isn’t for the actual planter, just a sort of decoration to go around one. You can’t make a whole planter out of foam, unfortunately.

DIY Super Mario Tube Planter – what you need:

  • simple planter with a cactus or similar plant
  • dark and light green foam board (the bendable kind)
  • scissors
  • hot glue

decorating cactus planter

diy mario planter

mario tube planter

Step 1: Measure and cut the foam

Start by measuring around the width of your planter on both the top and bottom layers. Cut the darker green foam so that it goes around the bottom part of the planter and just leaves a couple of inches uncovered. Then do the same for the top of the planter.

Step 2: Glue around the planter

Add a few drops of hot glue to the ends of the foam board and attach it to the bottom level of the planter. Let the glue dry and do the same to the top level of the planter. Make sure you arrange the foam so that there’s an inch or two (depending on the size of your planter) not covered on both levels – those spaces should be directly over one another.

Step 3: Add highlights

In the spaces that you left open, add small strips of the lighter green foam and glue in place. Let the glue dry and you should have a planter that looks kind of like one of those Super Mario tubes. Now have fun having that Super Mario song stuck in your head the rest of the day, probably.

mario tube planter diy

Pineapple DIY Projects

pineapple diy projects

I’m not sure who is the person in charge of decide which foods are “trendy” for fashion/home/craft projects. But I’m loving the pineapple choice right now (obviously). So I’ve rounded up some of my favorite pineapple inspired projects for you here.

Some of these even include watermelon inspired crafts. I’m thinking that’s going to be the newest “thing.” What’s your vote?

Painted Pineapple Planter

pineapple planter diy

So I’ve had this aloe plant for years and I’ve always thought that it looked kind of like a pineapple (the plant itself looks sort of like the top of a pineapple, and the planter looks just a bit like a pineapple shape). I could only take it for so long before I had to just paint it to actually look like a pineapple. Note: the aloe plant has grown quite a bit since I first thought of this idea, so it’s definitely a bit bigger than what you’d think of as the top of a pineapple now, but there are lots of other plants that could work for this project as well!

DIY Pineapple Planter – what you need:

  • plain plastic planter
  • yellow paint
  • black paint
  • paintbrushes
  • aloe or similar plant

painting planter

yellow painted planter

pineapple painted planter diy

pineapple painted planter diy

Step 1: Clean and paint the planter

You’ll need to start with a plain and clean (and preferably plant-free) planter. Then take your yellow paint and a paintbrush and cover the entire planter. Add more than one coat if necessary.

Step 2: Add the pineapple accents

Once the yellow paint is dry, take a smaller paintbrush and some black paint and add little pineapple accents. I found that just adding little v’s was easiest, but you could also do sort of a zig-zag or diagonal pattern if you’re feeling up to it.

Step 3: Add the plant

Since I already had my plant in the planter, this part wasn’t necessary. But I do think it would be easier to get a really even coat of paint onto your planter if you wait until after to put the actual plant in. So just wait until all the paint is dry, then add your soil and plant of choice. That’s it!

diy pineapple planter

Dress Like a Book Character: Tris Prior

how to dress like tris

Today I’m starting a new series that I’m really excited about. I love fashion inspired posts, but I’ve found through the years that traditional fashion blogging isn’t exactly my thing. So I enlisted the help of my good (and fashionable) friend Jordan to put together some fashion posts inspired by some of our favorite fictional characters. First up is Tris Prior from the Divergent series. I still have yet to see the new Insurgent movie, but I love all of the books (a few key events aside) and I’m really excited to see the rest of the movies.

Tris’s style is pretty dark and edgy, which came pretty naturally to Jordan. I let her explain how she came up with each of the outfits and drew inspiration from Tris below. WARNING: SPOILERS if you haven’t read the entire Divergent series.

tris divergent inspired outfit

tris divergent birds

bird sweater: H&M // leggings: Vince Camuto, from Macy’s // booties: Coach

This outfit is Tris inspired; perhaps you’re too nervous to get a bird tattoo like Tris’s or maybe you just want a cool bird shirt. Either way this print definitely brings to mind her character.

tris classic outfit

divergent photo shoot

grey t-shirt: American Apparel // riding boots: Coach

A very literal interpretation of the character. This is an outfit that could be worn to dress up as Tris (or anyone from dauntless really), for a midnight release/costume party/whatever.

tris divergent outfit

blue t-shirt: H&M // jeans: Gap // watch: Coach // flats: Lucky Brand

If Tris had grown up into a young adult (*sad face*) I picture her not getting too crazy with her wardrobe. She may explore a little with color but still stick pretty close to neutrals, and no crazy silhouettes just simple pants and tops.

tris fancy outfit

tris hair

bullet necklace

dress: H&M // leggings: Urban Outfitters // beaded necklace: thrifted // bullet necklace: DIY fair

I really don’t see this as an outfit Tris would put together herself, more like her friends picked it out for her before a night out. It’s the edgy details like the bullet shell necklace and dark colors that make it something she would wear.


Thanks to Jordan for helping me put this post together and modeling! I have a few more of these posts in the work but if you have any other favorite book/movie/tv characters that you’d like to see made into style posts, leave them in the comments below!

tris outfit

DIY Pom Pom Mirror

colorful pom pom mirror

Here’s the latest post in my “Inspired by…” series, where I try out DIY projects from some of my favorite blogs and add my own little twist to them. This week, I was really drawn to this pom pom wall hang by Sugar & Cloth. I thought it was such a cute idea and definitely a way to get into the whole fiber art wall hanging trend without having to learn how to weave (though I am loving learning how to weave). I also immediately thought that the same idea could be applied to a mirror. So I did it!

DIY Pom Pom Mirror – what you need:

  • a bunch (technical measurement) of yarn pom poms
  • hot glue
  • wooden wreath frame
  • plain circular mirror that’s about the same size as the wreath frame
  • epoxy glue

diy pom poms

diy pom pom wreath

diy pom pom mirror

pom pom mirror

Step 1: Apply the pom poms

The exact number of pom poms you’ll need for this project depends on how big your mirror and frame are. You can either buy pre-made pom poms or make your own with yarn. Then you’ll want to arrange each of the pom poms over the wood frame and attach them with glue. Check out the original post from Sugar & Cloth for some extra tips.

Step 2: Attach the mirror

Once all of the pom poms are secure, add a layer of epoxy glue around the rim of the mirror and secure the backside of the wood frame around it. Wait for it to dry.

Step 3: Hang it up

Then all you have to do is find a place to hang up your new colorful mirror. Attach a hanging kit to the back if there’s not one already attached. And then enjoy your new DIY creation!

yarn pom pom mirror

Make Your Own Felt Pennants

felt pennants diy

First of all, I’m sorry for not posting all of last week. I had some cool things planned, but I was on vacation and my computer refused to work. So this post was actually supposed to go up last Monday in honor of baseball’s opening day. Whether you’re a baseball fan or not, it’s a pretty exciting time of year because it means that summer is soooo close. And one of the most recognizable baseball items in my mind is the classic pennant. So I decided to make some of my own that included a few of my favorite (non-baseball) things. (They’re sort of the same idea as this pizza pennant, but with more room for creativity). You can use this basic idea to make your own pennants to display your favorite team logo or just your favorite things, like these.

DIY Felt Pennants – what you need:

  • felt in at least two colors
  • scissors
  • hot glue

diy felt banner

diy felt pennant

corgis cheese

corgi pennant

cheese banner

Step 1: Cut the pennant shapes

The background of your pennant should be a long triangle shape. The size is up to you. But make sure the two longer sides of the triangle are pretty even. Then you’ll also need a piece of the other color of felt. This piece should be as long as the short side of the triangle and maybe about 2 inches wide, depending on how big the rest of your pennant is.

Step 2: Cut the letters and embellishments

This is where you really get to be creative. Choose the subject matter of your pennant and cut out the letters to spell it out from your secondary felt color. You’ll probably want the letters to take up the majority of the space, so some will have to be taller than others. It’s honestly just a lot of trial and error to get them to all fit together. You can also add some other details or embellishments like my little corgi silhouette to better fill the space.

Step 3: Glue it all together

Once you’re pretty happy with how it all fits together, glue all the pieces onto the pennant shape with hot glue. Then take the long piece of felt you cut in step 1 and fold it over the side and glue it.

Step 4: Hang it up

Then you just have to display your creation. You can use clips or run some wire or twine through the top piece of felt or you can just place the very top under some items on a shelf to hold the pennants in place. Now have fun rooting on your favorite teams or just displaying your love for other things around your home!

diy pennant banners