A New Look

    wattlebird blog design

    So…. as you may have noticed, things are a bit different around here. I’ve finally added a new blog design to better exemplify this new direction and focus.

    I’m still tweaking things and making little changes here and there. But I’m really happy with it. I think it will really show off some of cool new things I’ve been working on. Aside from the obvious design changes, here are some of the new features I’m really excited about.

    • There are three promo boxes at the top of the page so that I can highlight some of the pages and content that I think will be most relevant to you all! Currently, I have them set up to show off the basic categories that I write about here (which also gives new readers a quick idea of the types of content they’ll see here). However, I might change it up from time to time to highlight new or special posts or pages. We’ll see!
    • I’ve also set up a new Resources section where you can access all kinds of awesome printables, worksheets, creativity prompts, and more. It’s all completely free – you just need to sign up!
    • My most recent blog post will be highlighted at the top of the home page, with shorter versions of the others below it. I think it’s a great setup because it lets you more quickly browse for the posts that are most relevant to you.
    • You’ll also see some pretty share buttons at the top and bottom of each post. I’m still keeping the regular sidebar share buttons around for now, because they’re a little more prominent. But I might change that in the future – any thoughts??
    • Also at the bottom of posts, you can find links to related posts. Again, this can make it a lot easier for you to find the type of content that’s most relevant to you.
    • There’s a new contact form to help you get in touch with me if you have requests or ideas to share.
    • And more! Have a look around and see all of the other shiny new features we have around here.

    If you have any thoughts or input, please feel free to share! It’s always a work in progress!

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