DIY Goal Jar

goal jar

Well, today is my birthday. 27, which makes me feel pretty old. And as I get older, the things I get excited about on my birthday have changed a lot. It’s not so much about cake and presents anymore, but goal setting. Yes, goal setting. If you’ve been following my blog(s) for awhile, then you’re probably used to me posting 27 before 27, 26 before 26, 25 before 25 lists… I’m just a person who loves planning and goals and all that. But the problem is that I pretty much always forget about these goals after about a month. So for this year, instead of just posting a list on my blog, I came up with another plan. Here’s how it works, in case you have trouble keeping up with your goals/resolutions like I do.

DIY goal jar – what you need:

  • a glass jar
  • colorful paper
  • scissors
  • pen
  • a list of goals
  • a calendar or planner

written goal

goal tracking planner

decorated goal jar

Step 1: Cut up colorful strips of paper

For this project, you’ll need small strips of paper to write out each of your goals. Using colorful scrapbook paper will just make the jar look cool so you can keep it out in plain sight.

Step 2: Write out your goals

On each one of the pieces of paper, write out one of your goals for the year. The goals should be pretty simple and tangible items that can be completed quickly once you draw it out of the jar. For example, if you want to travel, don’t just write “travel.” Instead, maybe try “book a trip,” because that’s something you can do right away.

Step 3: Put the goals in a jar

When all of your goals are written on the small strips of paper, stuff them into a glass jar or similar container.

Step 4: Write your goals on a calendar

Then you’ll need to go through your planner or calendar and select some random dates to draw goals out of the jar. You’ll need to select as many dates as there are goals, and try to spread them out throughout the year.

Step 5: Draw goals out of the jar

Each day that you selected on your calendar, you’ll need to draw a goal out of the jar. The first one you choose is the one you have to do.

Step 6: Complete each goal within a week

Then you have one week to complete that goal. Try to get them done as quickly as possible. Then just move onto the next one, and hopefully you’ll have them all completed by the end of the year!

Speaking of goals, one of mine for this year is to start an active YouTube channel. I’ve been doing some research and looking for some tools to help with this goal. But I still feel really unprepared for it. HOWEVER, sometimes you just have to take the leap. So I made a video tutorial type of thing for this project, included below. It’s still pretty rough as I’m definitely still working on my skills~ but it’s a start.

Childhood Inspired DIY Projects

childhood craft projects

Do you ever just wish you could be a kid again? I do all the time, which is probably part of the reason why I do things like make an Up house out of an old box and put my friends’ faces onto a Guess Who game. But there are lots of other cool crafty projects out there that can make you feel like a kid again. Here are some of my favorites.

What are some of your favorite craft projects from your childhood?

Emoji Cookies

emoji cookies

Here’s the latest of my attempts to emojify every round object in my path. This month: cookies.

DIY Emoji Cookies – what you need: 

  • sugar cookie dough
  • plain icing
  • yellow food coloring
  • other food coloring (optional)
  • food coloring markers (like these) in various colors (at least black, blue, red)


frosted emoji cookies

how to make emoji cookies

diy emoji cookies

Step 1: Bake cookies

This is pretty standard. However you normally bake sugar cookies, go for it. I used a mix, but if you’re feeling motivated you can go the from scratch route. And there’s always those slice-and-bake cookie dough rolls too…

Step 2: Frost Cookies

Add a few drops of yellow food coloring to plain white icing and stir. Once it gets to your desired color, add a thick layer of icing to each cooled sugar cookie. You can also make some icing in different colors for the emojis that aren’t just yellow smiley faces. (purple devil faces, anyone??)

Step 3: Decorate Cookies

Then it’s the fun part. Take the food coloring markers and add facial features to make the cookies look like your favorite emojis. You need to use a really light hand while doing this so the frosting stays in tact. The faces will probably be a little messy (as evidenced by mine…) but they’ll still be easy to recognize and pretty stinkin’ cute. Almost too cute to eat. Almost.

emoji decorated cookies

Flavored Whipped Cream: 3 Ways

parks and rec waffle recipe

Tonight is the series finale of Parks and Recreation. And I’m in a bit of denial about it. I love this show so much and I feel like I’ve honestly learned so much from Leslie Knope. Aside from those important lessons about feminism, hard work, and friendship, she also taught me a little bit about how to enjoy waffles. I used to go the plain waffles and syrup route – but if you’re not putting whipped cream on your waffles then you’re really missing out. So in honor of Leslie’s final episode tonight, I made some homemade whipped cream in a few different flavors. I hope she would approve!

Flavored Whipped Cream – ingredients:

  • 1 cup heavy cream
  • 1 tbsp sugar
  • 1 tbsp flavoring (choose one of: cocoa powder, chai powder, grenadine)

homemade chai whipped cream

flavored whipped creams

waffles and whipped cream

flavored whipped cream and waffles

Step 1: Prep your tools

To make whipped cream, you’ll need a mixing bowl and whisk that are very cold. I just used my stand mixer and stuck the bowl and whisk attachment into the freezer for about 10 minutes before mixing the ingredients together.

Step 2: Mix the ingredients

In the cold mixing bowl, add 1 cup of the heavy cream, then add a tbsp of sugar and another tbsp of whichever flavoring powder or liquid you choose. I just tried it with the three flavors listed above, but there are probably a ton of other ingredients you can use to make different flavors.

Step 3: Beat together and add to waffles

Whisk the ingredients together on your mixer’s highest setting until mixture reaches the right consistency. Add a few spoonfuls of it to your waffles and enjoy!

parks and recreation waffles

“Up” House Centerpiece

up house centerpiece diy

Sometimes the DIY projects I share here have a practical purpose. This is not one of those times. If you’ve seen the movie “Up,” which I sincerely hope you have, then you were probably just as mesmerized by the flying house as I was. I’ve always kind of wanted to make my own version. So here it is. You could possibly use this project to make centerpieces for a kid’s party or something like that. Or maybe you’re just a lunatic like me and want a cardboard Up house to display wherever and whenever you feel like it. Either way, Up houses for everyone!

DIY Up House Centerpiece – what you need:

  • cardboard box
  • scissors
  • hot glue
  • paint in a few colors
  • paintbrush
  • bamboo skewers
  • colorful balloons

cardboard box house

cardboard house diy

painted cardboard house

colorful balloons

balloons up house

Step 1: Form the box

You can use the photo above as a guide. Basically you want to cut the box so that it has two “roof” shapes opposite each other, and two rectangles that attach at the top. Use hot glue to piece the cardboard together so that it looks like a basic house shape. The actual house in Up is way more intricate, so if you feel like going all out then feel free. But a basic house and some balloons should at least get the point across.

Step 2: Paint the box

Once the box is put together to look like a house, it’s time to paint it. Use some bright colors for the front and back (yellow, green, blue, and pink are all good choices). Paint the roof brown. And add some extra cardboard to add some colorful accents like a roof line and a door.

Step 3: Attach the balloons

Then take your colorful balloons and blow them up just a bit. Tie them onto the ends of bamboo skewers or similar stick-type objects. Poke the pointy end of each skewer into the top of the cardboard house so that they stay in place. Add as many balloons as you’d like and then display your new Up house wherever you’d like!

So let’s here it – what would you do with your DIY Up house??

up house centerpiece

“Sing Me To Sleep” Headboard

sing me to sleep headboard

Here’s a project I finished recently that I don’t really have set instructions for, but if you want to give it a try I think it could be really cool. Hand lettering is a really cool concept to me, and I’ve read a lot about it but never really tried it myself. So naturally I decided to make my first project a huge hand-painted headboard.

hand lettering headboard

painted lyrics canvas

If you’d like to emulate this same type of project, you’ll need to make a canvas headboard like this one. Then use some paint to add your word or phrase of choice. It can be a lyric like this one or maybe a quote from a book or movie. It can also be helpful to look up some examples of lettering that you like and then use a pencil to trace it onto the canvas first. I didn’t trace them though, hence the sloppiness.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with them though. And I’m definitely going to keep working on some lettering projects, maybe on a smaller scale though. Have any of you worked on hand lettering projects before?

sing me to sleep

Felt OMG Headband

omg headband

Here’s a super easy project you can make in just a few minutes. It only requires a few supplies you probably already have lying around and you can also customize it to say just about whatever you want. Ready? Let’s go…

DIY Felt OMG Headband – what you need:

  • 3 colors of felt
  • pen
  • scissors
  • hot glue
  • ribbon

felt omg

omg felt letters

felt omg headband diy

diy omg headband

Step 1: Outline your word or phrase

You can use this idea to make a headband that says whatever you want. I chose “OMG” because it’s a thing I say a lot and it also seemed pretty appropriate for the pop-arty-type feel of this project. So when you’ve decided on one, take a pen or marker and outline the word on one piece of felt.

Step 2: Cut out the felt

Cut out the outline you created in step 1. Then use that as a guide for the other two pieces of felt. Outline letters that are just a bit larger on another color and cut those out. Then cut out just the basic shape of the word on the last piece of felt.

Step 3: Put it all together

Cut a couple of slits near the ends of the largest piece of felt. Cut a piece of ribbon that can easily fit around your head and be tied in place and slide that ribbon through the two slits in the felt. Then add the second piece of felt over the top of it and glue it in place. Glue the smallest piece of felt over those as well. Tie it around your head and that’s it!

omg hair accessory

DIY Gifts for Galentine’s Day

galentines day gifts diy

Today is officially Galentine’s Day, according to Leslie Knope. It’s one of my favorite holidays of the year, as it’s a great opportunity to hang with my girlfriends and shower them with gifts. We’re celebrating on Sunday this year, so there’s still a few days left to get those gifts together. If you’re still scrambling to put together some DIY galentines gifts, or if you just want to make some gifts for your girlfriends at other points in the year, I’ve compiled a list of cool DIY gifts you can make last-minute.

Do you have any cool Galentine’s Day plans this year??

DIY Galentine’s Day Gift Boxes

diy galentines

Galentine’s Day is one of my absolute favorite holidays, because it’s ladies celebrating ladies. And I love buying and making gifts for all my lady friends. This year, I did a little of both. And I found a cool way to personalize the whole thing without a lot of effort. I’m not including all of the contents of these little gift boxes here, because I haven’t actually given them out yet and it would be cool if there were some surprises. But here’s a little preview and a really easy way to give your Galentines a personal touch.

DIY Galentine’s Day Gift Boxes – what you need: 

  • wrapping paper tube
  • knife/scissors
  • tissue paper
  • yarn/ribbon
  • personalized stickers
  • photo magnets and other small gifts

photo magnet

cardboard tube giftwrap

galentines custom wrapping

galentines giftwrap

galentines day stickers

galentines gift

diy gifts galentines day

Step 1: Gather small gifts

This type of gift set is perfect for a few really small items. I included about three items each in these, including these custom photo magnets that I got from Tiny Prints. Other ideas could include: pins, small photos, makeup, etc. Choose whatever you think best suits your group of friends.

Step 2: Create tube boxes

Then you need to cut up an empty wrapping paper tube into small sections (the actual length depends on the gifts you bought, but about 4-5 inches should work in most cases). You could also use toilet paper or paper towel tubes, but the ones from wrapping paper tend to be a little bigger. Then just fill the tubes with the little gifts you bought.

Step 3: Wrap the boxes

Once the boxes are filled, cut sheets of colorful tissue paper that are just a few inches longer than the tubes. Wrap the tissue paper around the tubes and secure with a sticker (I also got these personalized ones from Tiny Prints). Tie the ends with pieces of yarn or ribbon and give them to all of your Galentines!

galentines wrapping diy

Amortentia Cocktail Recipe

love potion recipe

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. So love is on just about everyone’s minds right now. For me, that means thinking about Harry Potter and cocktail recipes. So I came up with one that’s all about love. Amortentia is a powerful love potion that plays a pretty big role in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. It’s rumored to smell differently to everyone based on what attracts them. So, I decided to just play around with some of my own personal favorite flavors. Here’s my version of Amortentia.

Amortentia Cocktail Recipe – ingredients (serves 2):

  • ice cubes
  • 1/2 cup vodka
  • mint
  • 1/4 cup grenadine
  • 1/4 cup cranberry juice
  • ginger ale

amortentia recipe


Add the ice, vodka, mint, grenadine and cranberry juice to a cocktail shaker. Shake well. Then strain the mixture evenly into two glasses. Top off with some ginger ale and enjoy! To add a little festivity, consider making a little drink tag with “amortentia” scribbled on it to add to your straw. And preferably enjoy it during an all-weekend Harry Potter marathon.

Of course, this is my version of Amortentia. But it’s different for everyone! What do you think would be included in yours?

harry potter cocktail recipe