25 Ways to Get Your Blog Ready for Halloween

halloween blogging

It’s the season for all things spooky! I love this time of year both because of the weather and all the Halloween stuff. And it’s a great time to create some seasonal blog content and just spruce up your whole site a bit.

Now I know not everyone is super into Halloween. Some people prefer more of a general fall aesthetic for the month of October and only really get into Halloween, you know, ON Halloween. And others spend basically the whole month watching scary movies and decorating with spiderwebs and stuff. To be honest, I really love both fall and Halloween stuff, so I created a list with some festive blog suggestions for both.

Here are 50 ways to get your blog ready for fall/Halloween:

  1. add some Halloween imagery to your logo (spiderwebs, haunted houses, ghosts, you get the picture)
  2. just change your logo/branding to fall colors
  3. write about your favorite Halloween/fall activities or attractions
  4. share a scary story at the beginning of your blog posts
  5. give your titles a Halloween theme (think “5 ways to scare away clients” instead of “mistakes to avoid when attracting new clients”)
  6. make a list of your favorite scary movies
  7. take a new fall themed “about” photo
  8. do a brand photoshoot with some Halloween elements
  9. post costume DIY projects
  10. post Halloween themed recipes
  11. or anything apple/cinnamon/pumpkin flavored
  12. offer some pumpkin carving templates/tutorials
  13. do a roundup of your favorite Halloween content from around the web
  14. host a Halloween/fall themed giveaway
  15. share your favorite beauty/personal care products to use in the fall
  16. ask your readers to share their favorite Halloween traditions and share your favorites
  17. start a Halloween hashtag where people can share their own projects, then share your favorites on your blog
  18. share your favorite fall photos in a post
  19. share a home tour that includes all your Halloween/fall decorations
  20. offer some Halloween decoration printables as a free download
  21. if you have a shop or small business, encourage customers to use your products in their costumes/recipes/other Halloween projects and then share the results
  22. make a spooky video to include on your blog
  23. host a “trick or treat” type event with other bloggers who all want to share some related Halloween content
  24. share your favorite fall accessories
  25. add some simple leaves or other fall elements to your blog header and/or sidebar

Do you have any other fall/Halloween suggestions for bloggers? Feel free to share them in the comments!

25 ways to get your blog ready for halloween

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