Cool Internet Stuff, April 2016 Edition

cool internet stuff

Time for another edition of Cool Internet Stuff! There were so many great creative and business related posts online this month. Here are some of my faves. I hope you like them too!

business stuff

  • work from home? how to have a happy work day (every day)
  • some ideas for what to send to your email subscribers
  • persuasion is an important concept for any business owner to master – but there’s a fine line between persuasion and manipulation
  • 7 tips for creative entrepreneurs
  • i always find it super helpful to take a look at other people’s business journeys
  • some interesting thoughts about the term #girlboss
  • 5 signs it might be time to stop planning and start creating
  • how to stay sane when you work from home (+ some cool illustrations!)

social media stuff

  • if you’re not getting the right social media followers, you’re probably not going after the right people
  • how to not spend every single waking moment on social media
  • can you grow your business by starting a YouTube channel? sure can
  • pro Snapchat tips!
  • ever wondered how people take pictures of their hands on Instagram? all your questions have been answered
  • how to build a loyal following on social media
  • some cool Instagram hashtags and tips for using them
  • not sure what to do with Periscope? here’s a guide for makers

blogging stuff

  • how to find your people in blogging and business
  • stop confusing your audience! some great tips here
  • probably everything you ever wanted to know about writing effective headlines
  • the secret that can help grow your blog’s traffic
  • don’t fall for these blogging myths
  • ever wonder how you should credit images on your blog? here’s a super simple formula

creative stuff

  • this paper cut art is seriously beautiful
  • i’m looooooving this clay cactus bud vase. so cute!
  • learn about creativity from the master – Prince
  • how to use color in unexpected ways
  • surprise! hobbies can make you more creative in your work (you already know I agree with this)
  • just get over these common creative fears
  • i’ve been really into podcasts lately – here’s a great list of them that i’m definitely going to check out!
  • some tips for scoring great vintage pieces online
  • give your creativity a boos – every day!

just for fun stuff

  • FYI rage yoga is a thing
  • two of my favorite things – Netflix and wine – and how to pair them
  • trying times are for trying new things

What are some of your favorite finds from April?

cool internet stuff april 2016

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