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Valentine’s Day DIY Projects

diy valentines day

Valentine’s Day is almost here! So that means all the craft projects I see online these days are pink and full of hearts and I don’t hate it. Whether you plan to celebrate Valentine’s day with your significant other, friends, yourself or whoever, there are cool DIY ways to add some love (or at least some pink hearts) to pretty much every aspect of your life. Here are a few of my favorites.

What are you working on for Valentine’s Day?

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  • Shauna

    Love your suggestions!!! Did you make them all!?! :)


      I haven’t yet! I’ve made the glittery banner one so far, but I’d love to give them all a try at some point!

  • Tori

    Not going to lie… I had no idea what the whole swipe right and swipe left thing meant until last week! On a totally different note, these DIY projects are super cute! I’m actually planning a wedding so no Valentine’s Day for us this year (the budget is tight and we want to use it for our special day), but I’ll be completely happy just cuddling up with my man and watching a movie. Shoutout from #fireworkpeople!


      That’s awesome! (Congrats on the wedding) I don’t think it has to be a huge (read: expensive) deal. There are lots of inexpensive DIY options (and staying in with a movie is always fun)!

  • Laura @ My Beloved Newo

    Oh man, I love the Swipe Right one! Pop culture heart references forever!


      I love them too!

  • Kercia

    These are awesome links!! For valentine’s day I designed some cards that I’ve got printed out and I am going to write a love not to my family and friends. :) Thanks for sharing these awesome DYIs, my fellow #fireworkpeople :)


      That sounds like a great way to celebrate!