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10 Hand Lettering Hashtags to Use on Instagram

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Hand lettering is such an awesome creative outlet. And there are also so many amazing creatives building businesses around the artform.

It’s super popular on Instagram too. I know I love looking at all the creative ways people craft words and letters when I scroll through my feed. So if you’re one of those amazing letterers and you want some new ways to share your work or find inspiration, I have some hashtags to suggest! (and no, I’m not talking about #creedletters – though you can totally use it as long as you’re lettering Creed Bratton quotes)

Anyway, here are ten great hashtags for sharing and finding great hand lettering posts on Instagram. And scroll to the bottom to find out how to get even more creative hashtags!


We’ll just file this one under “duh.” But sometimes those obvious hashtags can help you gain lots of visibility and provide you with some awesome inspiration.


Another sort of obvious ones. But this is a little more specific to lettering that’s created by hand, whereas under regular old #lettering you get some found letters like old signs and stuff (even though all of that is still great for inspiration, if you ask me).


If you’re sharing or looking for images of calligraphy specifically, this is a great hashtag. It’s run by the @calligraphymasters account, which is a community for calligraphers and letterers. So it can be a great place to share your work with other artists and make great connections.


Brush lettering is a specific style of lettering and calligraphy that uses brush strokes to create letters. If this is your preferred style, then this is a great general hashtag for sharing your work and finding inspiration.


Pretty simple, this is a hashtag for type created by hand. There are some varying styles if you browse through the hashtag, but you can get a pretty good feel for what types of posts fit within this hashtag by just browsing for a minute or two.


Similarly, this tag has a lot of really unique hand-drawn fonts made by really creative artists.


This is a tag for typefaces, handmade font, brush lettering, calligraphy and more. It’s a great place to find hand letterers who regularly post images of their work. So it can also be a great place for you to share regular images of this type of work.


Meant to provide lots of great inspiration for letterers and artists, this tag has a lot of hand lettering as well as found letters and unique typography.


Run by @designsponge, this tag has a lot of really great hand lettering and typography inspiration. The DS account also occasionally reposts images from this tag.


This is another hashtag specifically intended for hand lettering as opposed to found type or typography. There’s a lot of really artistic looking type in this one.

Those are just some of the awesome hashtags out there for sharing and finding great lettering posts on Instagram. If you have any other favorites to share, feel free to share them in the comments!

And you can find even more hashtags for lettering and other creative niches in my 100+ Instagram Hashtags list. It’s free! Just sign up here to get your free copy and more amazing resources!

10 hashtags for sharing hand lettering on instagram

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