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creative babes natalie meagan

Happy Friday! I’m super excited about today’s post because it’s my absolute favorite series – Creative Babes! And today we’re talking to Natalie Meagan, one of the main babes behind the Crybaby Club, a club that insists that you don’t have to hide your emotions to be strong and empowered. As someone who regularly cries about fictional characters and the like, I’m so on board with this idea and message! So let’s get to the interview!

i may cry but i can still get things done

When and why did you decide to start the Crybaby Club?

I started brainstorming the idea back in late 2015 but I officially started it in January of 2016. I wanted to make a group for girls (and anyone really) where the main theme is strength through sensitivity. I have always been sensitive and ridiculed for it, and made to feel weak, but crying is such a natural defense mechanism for some- it in no way negates my strength or what I’m capable of. And I wanted other girls to know that too.

What is your favorite part about running the business?

I love meeting the girls, I love hearing their stories and I’ve made some forever friendships through this endeavor. That is invaluable and I’ll always cherish that the most.

natalie meagan the crybaby club

What does a typical day look like for you?

My typical day has me waking up, taking my kids to school. While they are there, I usually make/grab coffee, and work on tedious things that require concentration to complete (blog posts, emails, etc). When my boys come home, I spend time with them. Once they go to bed, I get to really work. Painting, drawing, designing new things for the club. I also eat at some point, but I can’t exactly pinpoint when ?

What are your hopes for the future of the Crybaby Club?

I want it to continue to be the positive, supportive group that it is. I want it to grow and thrive and continue to empower women to not be afraid of their emotions and to acknowledge them, and that in doing so, it doesn’t make you weak. Sometimes, you need to feel sad, and that’s ok. I also would like for running this club to be the only job I need, but that’s not my main goal. I also want to continue to support indie artists and makers, and make lots of cute products and flair for our girls. I like knowing that people carry our little reminders around with them.

What advice would you give to other creatives looking to start their own businesses or projects?

I would say go just go for it and trust your instincts. Try new things, don’t do too many things at once, and let the work guide you. Get a support system in place as well. I never would have been brave enough to do any of this if I didn’t have my girls behind me.

crybaby girl gang

the crybaby club

What is your favorite sad movie and/or song?

Sad movie? I always cry when I watch Mamma Mia. The mother daughter love is so strong in that movie. It’s not a sad movie though. Moulin Rouge destroys me every time. I also cry whenever I listen to and try to sing Love Story by Taylor Swift. Again, i don’t understand why, it just hits me hard.


I just want to say thank you to Natalie for being a part of this feature and just for being an awesome creative babe in general! If you haven’t already, you should totally go check out The Crybaby Club’s website. You can also join the Crybaby Club’s group on Facebook, and follow on Twitter and Instagram!

And if you or someone you know would be a great fit for an upcoming Creative Babes post, feel free to email me at wattlebirddesigns at gmail dot com

natalie meagan crybaby club

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