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A Master List of Ideas for What to Post on Your Business Instagram Account

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A big thing I’ve noticed when it comes to creative businesses on Instagram is how many people tend to run out of ideas for what to post. I’ve totally been there. A lot. (even though I run my Instagram as more of a personal one) So I decided to do sort of a master list of ideas.

You can refer back to this anytime you’re running low on posts. Not all of them will necessarily work for every creative business. But there should be quite a few that you can either use or build onto. Here goes!

  1. product photos
  2. your products in use/on models
  3. repost customer photos of your products
  4. your workspace
  5. you in your workspace
  6. a work in progress
  7. your color palette for the day
  8. the tools you use
  9. what’s in your bag
  10. you working on creating your products/services
  11. your plan or agenda for the day/week
  12. a day/week’s worth of work product stacked together
  13. a group of items in your workspace that all fit into the same color/category, arranged in a visually pleasing way
  14. a stop motion video of your art/product creation process
  15. a timelapse video of you working on your craft
  16. the remnants/mess you made with your craft for the day (think paint splatters, yarn scraps, etc.)
  17. your products in a weird/different environment or lighting
  18. a close up of your product
  19. share work from a fellow maker (tag and credit them for the photo, obv!)
  20. selfies!
  21. a well-styled photo of your desk/computer setup if you do a lot of online/writing work
  22. a product or design that didn’t turn out as planned (you’re human!)
  23. a group of your products ready to head out for shipping
  24. your outfit for the day
  25. a flat lay photo of your outfit
  26. “thanks” or another message to your customers spelled out using your creative medium of choice (think brush lettering, yarn, or beads arranged to make the letters)
  27. the artwork in your space that inspires you (with credit to the original artists)
  28. your creative hobbies
  29. your food
  30. any cool or industry-relevant books you’re reading
  31. a video of your product in use
  32. a collage of customer photos
  33. the view from your workspace for the day
  34. a collection of your products arranged in a visually pleasing way
  35. a place that inspires you
  36. the materials you’re using for a new project (a teaser of sorts)
  37. a quote that inspires you, written out in a creative or interesting way
  38. an inspiration board/collage you’ve made
  39. a before/after of a project
  40. inspiring scenes from nature
  41. some new supplies/tools you bought
  42. a throwback (to remind yourself/others where you came from)
  43. a giveaway
  44. pretty flowers
  45. a photo of a calendar, if you have an upcoming event/launch to promote
  46. a gif that shows your personality (try out Boomerang, with some funny faces maybe)
  47. the top of your desk
  48. travel photos
  49. the title of your latest blog post over a related photo
  50. a list of ideas you have for your business
  51. a new logo/website you’ve designed
  52. a note you wrote to yourself
  53. a motivational message
  54. a “from where I stand” type photo, if you’re visiting an interesting place or just want to update followers with what you’ve been up to
  55. a sale announcement/update (preferably a well-styled or creatively displayed one)
  56. testimonials
  57. an interesting/helpful part of your daily routine
  58. product reviews
  59. a page/spread of a magazine you’re reading
  60. a photo of yourself relaxing/having fun!

Do you have anything else to share? Tell us about your favorite things to post on Instagram and I’ll add to this list over time!

what to post on your business instagram

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  • Emily Ward

    Love this list such a great resource!!!

    Totally random question but can you do a post or give me some advice about shipping paintings? I have no clue where to start and google is totally not helping but I thought you might have an idea. Thanks!

    • Annie

      Hi Emily,
      Unfortunately, I don’t have a ton of personal experience in this area. But I would start out by looking for boxes that are fairly close to the size of your paintings, and then use lots of packing materials to keep it secure. You might also want to look into insuring them, which you can price out at the post office. I hope that helps a bit?? Good luck!