Cool Internet Stuff, February 2016 Edition

february blog links

Another month is pretty much in the books. February was a good one. And I found a lot of really cool stuff online that I’ve been just itching to share with you! Here are some of the best creative business/blogging/social posts I’ve found on the web this month, along with some just-for-fun stuff, of course 😉

business stuff

  • these beautiful storefronts are so inspiring – makes me want to open my own someday!
  • learn to find inspiration from your “sister brands” without copying anyone
  • busy =/= productive (I’m still working on this one tbh)
  • don’t be boring! blend your personal story into your professional brand story
  • unfortunately, this situation is all too common for creatives – what happens when your joke/idea gets stolen and goes viral
  • a sleaze-free guide to selling
  • omg! Drake lyrics to help you in business and life

social media stuff

  • domino has been sharing some inspiring Instagram accounts you should follow: interior designers, DIYers, and artists
  • yes, you can use Snapchat as part of your business’s social media strategy
  • the non-scary guide to your first Periscope (may be especially relevant to any introvert babes out there)
  • great tips here: streamline your social media accounts
  • colorful Instagram accounts to brighten your day!

blogging stuff

  • keep your blog running smoothly with these key systems
  • create an online space that will totally alter your biz & life
  • blog post templates and creating a cohesive identity for your blog
  • shoot beautifully styled blog photos
  • even more specific: 30 ideas for blog photo props

creative stuff

  • find your creative self
  • and more ways to live a more creative life
  • you can use an embroidery hoop for all of your circular weaving projects #blessed
  • boozy shamrock shake, anyone?
  • hold the phone! this table is like a huge etch-a-sketch!
  • filed under: things I never knew I needed – ring pop jello shots

just for fun stuff

  • pretty sure you need this playlist in your life
  • books you should read in 2016
  • relevant – soothe your skin after a night out
  • this artist created large scale drawings with a GPS tracker – so impressive!

What cool things have you found around the web this month?

cool internet stuff

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