DIY Idea: Painted Goals Canvas

goals canvas

Every year around my birthday, I like to make a little goals list – a “25 by 25” type of thing (though this year it’s 27 by 27, yikes!) But each year I usually end up repeating a lot of the same goals because I forget to check the list. So instead of just posting my list on my blog this year and forgetting about it, I thought it might be helpful to make a visual representation of my goals to keep in plain site.

painting goals

I kept it really simple, just using a plain white canvas and painting key words from each goal in different sizes throughout the canvas in black acrylic paint. You could make this your own by using a variety of different colors or even painting a cute little pattern on the background or something. Or you could just make it look a little better by having neater handwriting (/painting) than I do. But mostly I hope this just helps me keep these goals in mind better throughout the year.

diy goals wall art

Since I just painted a word or short phrase from each goal on the canvas, I also want to keep a record of my actual written-out goals somewhere. So here it is:

  1. Go on a spontaneous road trip
  2. Make a zine
  3. Get more tattoos
  4. Plant a garden
  5. Take more photos of everyday life
  6. Go camping
  7. Sew a dress
  8. Bake at least five pies from scratch
  9. Read every day
  10. Buy a bike
  11. Try some new cocktail recipes
  12. Build a more respectable vinyl collection
  13. Pay off credit cards
  14. Practice yoga regularly
  15. Host fun parties
  16. Volunteer somewhere new
  17. Get my passport
  18. Create a video scrapbook
  19. Write for more blogs/magazines
  20. Organize my craft stash
  21. Learn more about wine
  22. Go to a movie alone
  23. Take a class to learn a new skill
  24. Print more photos
  25. Dye my hair a crazy color
  26. Learn to play a song on any instrument
  27. Dance

Do you have any fun goals for the year?

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  • http://takeoutzine.com/blog Caro

    This is a great idea! I was already thinking of pulling an Annie and making a similar list for my birthday in June. Maybe I’ll make a canvas (or a zine!) to go with it.

    Of course my eyes were immediately drawn to the word ‘zine’ on your canvas. Love it! And obvi Take Out would love to be a part of you knocking off #2 and #19 šŸ˜‰ Added bonus: The next issue’s contributor party is in Chicago (does that count as a road trip?) and we’re going to be screen printing the covers together (is that a new skill?) As you can see, I’m all about the double dipping! haha

    • anne.pilon@gmail.com

      Yes, yes and yes! I will email you soon šŸ˜‰